Let’s Get Spooky: Tour San Diego’s Haunted Landmarks

As the warm summer nights in San Diego begin to transition into crisp fall evenings, there isn’t a more fitting time to embrace the spirit of the season than by exploring the eerie and mysterious side of the city. Beyond the sandy beaches and photogenic palm trees, San Diego unveils “America’s Most Haunted House,” the iconic Whaley House, and the storied Hotel Del Coronado, wrapped in the tragic story of Kate Morgan’s ghost. Read on for a spine-tingling journey as we embrace the spooky season here in San Diego!


The Whaley House

The Whaley house, located in Old Town San Diego was built in 1857 where Thomas Whaley and his family resided. The home became an integral part of the community and served as a courthouse, theater, and a bilingual general store. Tragedy struck early on when the family lost their 18-month-old son to Scarlet Fever. Visitors to the house have reported eerie encounters, such as the sound of tiny footsteps, cries, and even childlike giggles. Over the years, several generations of the Whaley family called this place home and, unfortunately, met their end within its walls. Strangely, it seems that the house’s haunting history might have been predestined, even before construction began.

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Whaley House Dining Room


Hotel Del Coronado 

With a rich history spanning more than 130 years, this hotel has accumulated countless stories and hosted numerous celebrities and presidents looking for a seaside escape in beautiful Coronado. The famous ghostly presence at The Del is Kate Morgan, who checked into the hotel in 1892 and never checked out. Kate’s story is a tragic one – she was alone and distraught, waiting for a lover who never arrived. On November 29th, Kate was found dead on the exterior staircase leading to the beach. Today, Kate’s spirit seems to have remained at The Del, where she tends to occupy and haunt her former guestroom.

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women walking in front of hotel del


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