Scenic Sunday Drives: Short on Length, Long on Leisure

If you’re eager to hit the road again but want to hold off on a long trip that requires lots of advance planning, then scenic Sunday drives are the perfect in-between solution.

Check out these shorter stretches of road that offer all the amazing scenery without any of the commitment.

Just hop in and cruise!


Mountain Charm: South San Diego County

Distance: 42 miles one way

Wind your way through San Diego backcountry and watch as the terrain transitions from desert to dense forest, featuring stunning vistas all along the way.


The Route:

Start off at the junction of I-8 and Country Road S-1 and follow it all the way to Laguna Mountain then continue on to Julian before making your way back on Highway 79.


 Along the Way:

Laguna Mountain Recreation Area: Explore the top of this mountain characterized by forests, meadows, and waterfalls. Take in views that make you forget you’re still in San Diego!

Pacific Crest Trail: Head out on a day hike along the famous Pacific Crest Trail, accessible from Laguna Mountain Recreation Area, with shorter ones that are perfect for the whole family.

Julian: Continue a little further north to explore the small mountain town of Julian known for its charming storefronts, famous apple pie, and world-class stargazing.

  Early morning landscape in rural countryside, mountains and oak trees, blue sky, dry southern california landscape

Picnic Spot:

Pull off at Desert View, a picnic spot where the arid Anza-Borrego Desert meets the lush Cleveland National Forest to witness a contrast like no other!

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