5 Summer Vacation Packing Tips

Suitcase in sand

Summer is practically here, which means it’s time for vacation! Packing for a trip can often mean tossing whatever you happen to think of into a suitcase at the last minute, which can lead to overpacking all the wrong things. From beach bags to packing cubes, check out these vacation packing tips to help you travel like a pro this summer!


  1. List it Out

Make a list of all you’ll need on your vacation like bathing suits, cover-ups, shirts, shoes, etc., allowing you to figure out what to bring and also keep track of all your things during your trip. Next, pick out your outfit for each day depending on the weather and your planned activities, helping ensure you bring enough without overpacking.


  1. Choose Your Shoes

When it comes to packing like a pro, start from the ground up. Since shoes are the bulkiest part of luggage, it’s important to choose them wisely. Start by picking out your favorite and most versatile pairs then choose outfits that match them. Nude-colored sandals or heels, sneakers, and flip-flops tend to be the most flexible shoes.


  1. Pack in Cubes

It’s good to be square in this instance! Almost like Tupperware for clothes, packing cubes are made of lightweight washable nylon and not only conveniently organize your clothing items, but also keep them neatly folded or rolled, making packing and unpacking a breeze. We guarantee once you start using them, there’s no going back.


  1. Switch Up Cover-Ups

Bathing suits and cover-ups can easily work double duty for both men and women. For guys, easily repurpose a good pair of board shorts to go on a hike or out to dinner. For ladies, toss shorts, a sarong, or sundress over your bathing suit to double as an outfit while saving you valuable space in your suitcase.


  1. Make Bags Multi-Purpose

Whether you’re packing a picnic or toting your beach read and sunscreen, a versatile bag keeps things easy. Fold an extra tote into your suitcase to use as a beach bag or to stash souvenirs in later on. Also bring along a few small reusable bags to store wet bathing suits and keep liquids separate from the rest of your items.


Whether your heart is set on seeking out new adventures or simply relaxing poolside this summer, we hope these packing tips help you get ready for all your fun under the sun!